Cordon Electronics Italia – Microtech Division supports customers in product development, thanks to an Integrated technology platform (automated chip&wire and optical alignment technologies) for the development and manufacturing of Microwave and Optical components and modules for Defense, Aerospace and Telecom markets.

Microwave technology
  • * Circuital Simulation and Design Tools (AWR Microwave, Waspnet)
  • * Electromagnetic simulation (CST Design Studio, HFSS Ansys)
  • * CAD tools (DxDesigner/Mentor, ProEngineer)
  • * Instrumentation and test environments (Vector Network Analyzer, Climate chamber…)

Photonics technology
  • * Development of photonic components and modules
  • * Thermal analysis and thermal management of packaged photonic modules
  • * Mechanical design and structural analysis of photonic components and modules
  • * Front end (in package) and back end electronics development and production
  • * Optical and electric qualification test benches
  • The latest Design Rules are available using the following link: CORDON design rules for photonic packaging (August 2018).

Microwave Photonics technology
  • * Optical Link modules: building blocks for Optical Link systems and sold as stand-alone modules (customer’s proprietary communication platforms) for Military and SATCOM applications.
  • Products: Transmitters, Receivers and Transceivers
  • * Optical Link systems: custom or semi-custom applications for the transmission of RF/MW signals over fiber optic cabling for end-users or OEMs markets.
  • Market segments: Electronic Warfare (EW), MILSATCOM, GPS Navigation & Timing, Terrestrial RF Communications

Manufacturing services for microwave optical and photonic modules, either on a build to print or build to spec approach:

  • * Prototyping and Preseries,
  • * Components and Modules assembly and testing,
  • * Packaging service,
  • * System integration.

Assembly and testing operations in a 1,800 sqm clean room:

  • * Thick film (ceramic substrate),
  • * Manufacturing lines that include fully automatic processes for adhesive and solder paste dispensing,
  • * Components placement process (SMD and MMICs),
  • * Connection equipment (wire and ribbon bonding).