Quality philosophy

Cordon Electronics Italia puts a strong emphasis on quality (ISO 9001 certification), safety, security and environmental aspects to fit with the customers qualification processes.

Cordon Electronics Italia is certified ISO 9001:2015.



Sustainability and environment

Cordon Electronics Italia takes care about the protection of the Environment and puts in place all necessary actions to ensure that its activities do not bring additional environmental impacts, by controlling the consumption of natural resources, and the attention of the compliance with the regulations governing hazardous substances to humans and the environment. In addition, the management of the waste is implemented in such a way as to ensure that they cannot interfere with the environment, and with a management oriented to recovery, reuse and recycling of materials, in order to ensure a greater degree of protection of human health and the environment.
Cordon Electronics Italia is certified ISO 14001:2015.




Cordon Electronics Italia – Microtech division, is qualified to operate at different levels in the Defense field, conforming to national and international laws and regulations. For more information, please contact info@cordongroup.it.