Cordon Electronics Italia – HWS Division, with its long-lasting partnership with Tier 1 Vendors, is an internationally recognized competence center for manufacturing and repair of Microwave, Optical, Wireless, Wireline, Broadcast, Energy power products and other technologies.


It is part of the same Cordon Group division as its sister Company, Cordon Network in Ormes, France.


Using industrial practices (TL9000 certified), Cordon Electronics Italia – HWS Division has a dedicated area of 1,800 sqm and a state-of-the-art test lab to provide manufacturing, engineering and repair services to OEMs and end-Customers.

Recent focus has been put on Hardware services for micro technologies up to subsystem in clean room environment, for Aerospace and Defense markets.


Cordon Electronics Italia completes its HWS services with end-to-end management of mature and low volume products, obsolescence management and product life extension using EoS (End of Support) and EoL (End of Life) processes.


Cordon Electronics Italia – HWS includes all the logistic services.